Our Advisory Council

Theresa Vaughan

Chair, NeuroAbilities Advisory Council, NCAN

Charles Anderson, Ph.D.

Colorado State University

Julia Bascom

Autistic Self Advocacy Network

Lidia Best

European Federation of Hard of Hearing People, ITU JCA-AHF

Gary Birch, Ph.D.

Neil Squire Society

Cathy Bodine, Ph.D.

University of Colorado at Denver

Peter Brunner, M.S., Ph.D.

Albany Medical College

Jennifer Collinger, Ph.D.

University of Pittsburgh

Melanie Fried-Oken, Ph.D.

AAC international clinician and researcher

Deborah Gilden, Ph.D.

The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute

Martin Gould, Ed.D.

Director of Research, G3ict

Sandy Hanebrink, OTR/L, CLP, FAOTA

Touch the Future, Inc.

Andrea Kübler, Ph.D.

University of Würzburg, Germany

Ben Lippincott

Shepherd Center

Mohammed Ali Loutfy, Ph.D.

Director, Capacity Building and Advocacy, G3ict

Mike May

Access Explorer

Patrick McGovern

The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation

José del R. Millán, Ph.D.

The University of Texas at Austin

John Morris, Ph.D.

Shepherd Center

Debra Ruh

Ruh Global Communications

Marcia Scherer, Ph.D., MPH

Institute for Matching Person & Technology

Will Scott, Ph.D.

IBM Design

Roger O. Smith, Ph.D.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Walid Soussou, Ph.D.

Wearable Sensing

Cid Torquato

President, ICOM Libras

Steve Tyler

Leonard Cheshire

Santani Teng, Ph.D.

The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute

Gregg Vanderheiden, Ph.D.

University of Maryland

Mariska Vansteensel, Ph.D.

University Medical Center Utrecht

Jonathan R. Wolpaw, M.D.

NCAN Director, Research Physician

Debra J. Zeitlin

Bridging Voice

Ricardo Chavarriaga

CLAIRE Initiative for Excellence in AI

Ana Maiques