Exploring Neurotechnology Innovations for Persons with Disabilities

Our Approach

For millions of persons with disabilities, assistive solutions leveraging neurotechnologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) show much promise. NeuroAbilities explores:

  • What’s real versus what’s hype
  • User perspectives
  • Ecosystem success factors
  • Ethical, security and privacy considerations by functional area
  • Promising evidence-based status of AI-enabled neurotechnology devices and systems

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Panel Discussion at M-Enabling Summit 2023 | AI, Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) and Neurotechnologies: Exploring New Frontiers for Persons with Disabilities

During this session, expert panel members will provide an overview of the vast array of solutions that AI-enabled signal processing, brain computer interfaces (BCIs) and Neuro-technologies can potentially bring to improve the quality of life of Persons with Disabilities. User testimonies and examples of existing applications will be shared as well as current research that may lead to potential breakthroughs in key areas such as BCI enabled communications for persons with aphasia or allowing control and sensory feedback for individuals with artificial limbs. Looking forward, the panel will discuss how the perspective and requirements of persons with disabilities may be best factored in regulatory approval processes and in addressing the complex ethical issues around invasive and non-invasive BCIs and the manipulation of user data.

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Think Tank

Browse among the latest news articles from around the world covering cutting-edge neurotech topics and solutions or find a unique opinion blog, video, podcast, or publication (including books, reports and peer-reviewed scholarly articles), filtered by functional area. Peruse the list of leading organizations in the field, including research centers, grant makers, industry, and startups.

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