Exploring Neurotechnology Innovations for Persons with Disabilities

Our Approach

For millions of persons with disabilities, assistive solutions leveraging neurotechnologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) show much promise. NeuroAbilities explores:

  • What’s real versus what’s hype
  • User perspectives
  • Ecosystem success factors
  • Ethical, security and privacy considerations by functional area
  • Promising evidence-based status of AI-enabled neurotechnology devices and systems

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The next NeuroAbilities Webinar will be hosted by the 2021 M-Enabling Summit on Oct. 4, 2021 at 4 PM EST

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Think Tank

Browse among the latest news articles from around the world covering cutting-edge neurotech topics and solutions or find a unique opinion blog, video, podcast, or publication (including books, reports and peer-reviewed scholarly articles), filtered by functional area. Peruse the list of leading organizations in the field, including research centers, grant makers, industry, and startups.

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