Martin Gould, Ed.D.

Director of Research, G3ict

Martin Gould, Ed.D., has spent over 35 years working in the field of human services in a variety of roles, including as a: Manager at the Department of Treasury on the Affordable Care Act; Director of Research and Technology at the National Council on Disability; Director of Outcomes Research at the Council on Leadership; and, Assistant Superintendent for Family and Student Services at the Baltimore City Public Schools.

He joined G3ict in December 2006, and has worked on a number of projects related to the CRPD and the 2030 Action Agenda for Sustainable Development. Other volunteer work, over the last 35 years, includes serving as: an Health Disparities Advisory Board Member for PCORI, a national independent research entity; a research advisor to the National Finance Institute at Accion International; a member of the Scientific Research Advisory Board for the Zero Project and World Futures Council; and a member of the Treasury Department/IRS National Leave Bank Board. He took his doctorate in education and behavioral research from The Johns Hopkins University in 1985.