Walid Soussou, Ph.D.

Wearable Sensing

Dr. Soussou is a neuroscientist by training and the President of the Wearable Sensing Company. He leads QUASAR’s efforts at developing commercial applications of dry-electrode EEG technology. Dr. Soussou leverages his PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Southern California (USC), expertise in Brain-Computer-Interfaces, and experience in sleep research, for developing commercial applications of wearable EEG/EOG/EMG/ECG sensors. At QUASAR, Dr. Soussou has raised several million dollars for R&D in the form of research grants from the NIH, DARPA, Army, Navy, and Air Force. In 2010, he launched the first wireless dry electrode EEG system into the market and continues to develop QUASAR’s cutting-edge sensor technology and explore their commercial applications.