The purpose of NeuroAbilities is to improve knowledge around the emerging field of AI-enabled, adaptive neurotechnologies and to promote innovation and translation of solutions for persons with disabilities. Through our think tank, you will be able to read the latest curated news and media from around the world covering cutting-edge neurotech topics and solutions and discover leading organizations in the field, including research centers, grant makers, industry, and startups.

Our Research Methodology

The NeuroAbilities research style is dynamic, user-driven, and collaborative with the aim to support a hub of information on the benefits of neurotechnologies for persons with disabilities. We rely on a community of involved stakeholders led by an advisory council with a focus on users’ perspectives and experiences. 

This community enables us to connect and partner with other stakeholders, such as:

  • Neuroscientists and technologists from public, private, and academic research institutions
  • Assistive technology and information technology industries, wearable technology vendors, private sector R&D, and startups
  • Relevant disability organizations
  • Brain-Computer Interface and other neurotechnology user advocates and caregivers
  • Grant organizations, government agencies, venture capitalists, and other funding opportunities
  • Accessibility experts, rehabilitation professionals, special educators, post-secondary faculty and students, and other experts from related fields

Our Resources

We collect materials and guidance from field experts with the goal of improving the lives of persons with disabilities, focusing on five functional areas: cognitive, communication, hearing, motor, and vision. Our resources include diverse and balanced content, including: